Centre for Ethnography November Colloquium

October 5, 2021 by Anne Fard


Associate Professor Chris Krupa with the Centre for Ethnography at UTSC are holding a Colloqium!


Slavery in the Heart of Freedom: Race, Religion, and Politics though the lens of BDSM

November 12th at 10.00 AM - 12.00 PM EDT

Register: https://uoft.me/Matory 

Speakers: J. Lorand Matory, Duke University

Abstract: This lecture compares white US American BDSM, Haitian Vodou, and Trumpism as parallel, but ethically divergent, forms of nostalgia for compulsory hierarchy and solidarity in an age of compulsory competition and self-sufficiency. White US American BDSM and Haitian Vodou demonstrate that--even for the greatest beneficiaries and the greatest potential beneficiaries of the Enlightenment’s promises—freedom and legal equality create a yawning hunger for the opposite condition. Having arisen amid the concurrence of the Enlightenment and the Atlantic slave trade, BDSM’s paradigm of relief—and Vodou’s powerhouse--is the Black slave. Trumpism dramatizes the ambivalence of the middle rank—that is, precarious white US Americans’ slave-identified rebellion against their class superiors and their equal longing for a violent Messiah who would resurrect an Eden free of Black and brown competition.