St. George Committees

The following is a list of the undergraduate committees in the St. George anthropology department for the 2023-24 academic year, with their respective memberships.

St. George Executive

Wardlow, Holly (Chair)
Taylor, Janelle (St. George TA Coordinator)
Banning, Ted (Associate Chair, Undergraduate)

PTR Committee

Wardlow, Holly – Chair 
Cameron, Michelle
Elamin, Nisrin
Montgomery, Lindsay
Ozcan, Omer

Community Committee

Wardlow, Holly – Chair 
Chazan, Michael
Taylor, Janelle
Viola, Bence

Undergraduate Board, St. George

Wardlow, Holly (Chair)
All Undergraduate Faculty and Lecturers
Alaimo, Josie – Undergraduate Administrator
ASA President(s)

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Banning, Ted – Chair, Fall term and Arch
Satsuka, Shiho – Chair, Winter term
Lehman, Shawn – Evo Rep
McElhinny, Bonnie – SCL rep
Alaimo, Josie – Undergraduate Administrator
ASA President(s)

St. George Workload Advisory Committee

Wardlow, Holly – Chair 
Allen, Andrea
Maxwell, Krista
Song, Jesook

Communications Committee

Kalmar, Ivan – Chair
Begun, David
Chadha, Anisha
Chazan, Michael
Napolitano, Valentina
Sammons, Ted
Alaimo, Josie – Undergraduate Administrator (ad hoc)
Nguyen, Anh Quynh – Graduate Administrator (ad hoc)

Richard B. Lee Student Prize

Mittermeier, Amira – Chair
Kassamali, Sumayya
Swenson, Ed

EDI Committee

Sellen, Dan – Co-Chair
Song, Jesook – Co-Chair
Patton, Katherine
Yeung, Shirley