St. George Committees

The following is a list of the undergraduate committees in the St. George anthropology department for the 2021-22 academic year, with their respective memberships.

St. George Executive

Wardlow, Holly (Chair)
Begun, David (St. George TA Co-ordinator)
Satsuka, Shiho (Associate Chair, Undergraduate)

Communications Committee

Chazan, Michael
Cunningham, Hillary
Kassamali, Sumayya
Sapirstein, Philip
Frigault, Marc – Department Manager
Fard, Anne – Administrative and Communications Assistant (interim)
Alaimo, Josie – Undergraduate Administrator (ad hoc)
Prime, Olivera – Graduate Administrator (ad hoc)

PTR Committee

Cameron, Michelle
Napolitano, Valentina
Patton, Katherine
Satsuka, Shiho

Richard B. Lee Student Prize

Mittermaier, Amira
Swenson, Edward
Yeung, Shirley

Undergraduate Board, St. George

Wardlow, Holly (Chair)
All Undergraduate Faculty and Lecturers
Alaimo, Josie – Undergraduate Administrator
ASA President

Undergraduate Policy & Curriculum Committee

Satsuka, Shiho (Chair)
Begun, David (EVO rep)
Dave, Naisargi (SCL rep)
Banning, Ted (ARCH rep)
ASA President
Alaimo, Josie – Undergraduate Administrator

St. George Workload Advisory Committee

Omer, Ozcan
Maxwell, Krista
Swenson, Edward

Representative to the Jewish Studies Programme

Michael Chazan