St. George Committees

The following is a list of the undergraduate committees in the St. George anthropology department for the 2021-22 academic year, with their respective memberships.

St. George Executive

Wardlow, Holly (Chair)
Begun, David (St. George TA Coordinator)
Satsuka, Shiho (Associate Chair, Undergraduate)

PTR Committee

Wardlow, Holly – Chair 
Banning, Ted 
Cameron, Michelle 
Satsuka, Shiho 
Yeung, Shirley 

Undergraduate Recruitment and Events

Wardlow, Holly – Chair 
Chazan, Michael (Fall term only)
Elamin, Nisrin 
Montgomery, Lindsay 
Sellen, Dan (Winter term only)
Taylor, Janelle 
Viola, Bence 
Alaimo, Josie – Undergraduate Administrator

Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Satsuka, Shiho – Chair 
Banning, Ted 
Boddy, Janice (Fall term only)
Dave, Naisargi (Winter term only)
Lehman, Shawn 
Alaimo, Josie – Undergraduate Administrator
ASA President(s)

St. George Workload Advisory Committee

Wardlow, Holly – Chair 
Allen, Andrea 
Maxwell, Krista 
Ozcan, Omer

Communications Committee

Kalmar, Ivan– Chair
Cameron, Michelle (Winter term only)
Chadha, Anisha 
Cunningham, Hilary (Fall term only)
Kassamali, Sumayya 
Napolitano, Valentina (Fall term only) 
Swenson, Ed (Fall term only)
Frigault, Marc – Department Manager
Howard, Glenn– Administrative and Communications Assistant
Alaimo, Josie – Undergraduate Administrator (ad hoc)
Nguyen, Anh Quynh – Graduate Administrator (ad hoc)

Richard B. Lee Student Prize

Song, Jesook– Chair
Duke, Hilary 
Sammons, Ted 
Yeung, Shirley