Course Descriptions and Timetable

The Anthropology Graduate Courses are primarily reserved for Anthropology Graduate Students. We also welcome students from other departments, space permitting. Students from other department won’t be able to enrol into the courses in ROSI immediately but rather need to follow the procedure below in order to enrol into one of the courses.

2023-24  Anthropology Graduate Timetable 

Individual Reading and Research Course

Audit a Course

PDF icon2023-24 Instructions for Graduate Course Enrolment on ACORN

Instructions for enrolment for students from other departments:

Graduate students from other departments must obtain permission from the ANT course instructor to enrol into an anthropology graduate course and complete an SGS Add/Drop Course Form, collect approval signature from the the instructor (email approval also permitted) and their home department and submit the form to Anh Nguyen in the Anthropology Graduate Office, Room 256, 19 Ursula Franklin Street, so that we can enrol the student into the course. It’s up to the student to obtain permission from their home department to allow the course to serve to complete program requirements in the home department.

The contact information for our graduate faculty members is posted in our faculty directory.



Updated: June 28, 2023