Department of Anthropology (St. George) Marked/Graded Work Return Procedures

It is expected that all faculty, teaching instructors and TAs will adhere to the following procedures for returning all marked work including mid-term tests, assignments, and final exams in the Department of Anthropology, St. George, University of Toronto.

  1. TAs must deliver all undergraduate marked work, mid-term tests, assignments and final exams IN PERSON to the instructor.
  2. Instructors keep marked work not picked up by students for one year or deliver it to the Undergraduate Administrator if the instructor is contractually employed or those arrangements have been made.
  3. The instructor must deliver all marked final exams to the Undergraduate Administrator. Please do not drop off between 12:00-2:00pm.
  4. “Campus mail must not be used to transport students’ completed exams, graded or otherwise” (FAS/RO). Marked work and final exams MUST NOT be sent by Canada Post, campus mail or courier, or scanned/emailed under any circumstances.

Note: SCANTRON sheets are not permitted to leave the campus under any circumstances because Scantron machines are located on the St. George campus.

Extenuating circumstances:

If an emergency arises and a TA cannot deliver all marked work in person to the instructor, the TA may request to deliver the tests or exams in person to an Anthropology department staff member to hold for pick up by the instructor. Please note the following instructions still apply if the TA responsible for marking the tests, assignments, or exams gives them to another TA to deliver to the Department:

In emergency situations, marked work from TAs will only be accepted by department staff IF:

  1. Delivered in person by the TA or a designate who has agreed to follow the same procedure;
  2. Sorted alphabetically by surname prior to delivery;
  3. Counted accurately prior to delivery;
  4. Delivered in WELL-SEALED ENVELOPES OR CONTAINERS with the following information clearly indicated on each sealed envelope/container:
    • Signature of TA who marked, counted and sorted tests or exams
    • Printed name of TA who marked, counted and sorted tests or exams
    • Accurate count of number of tests or exams contained in each envelope /container
    • Full course code
    • Name of course instructor who will pick up the tests or exams
    • Total number of envelopes/containers: “1 of 2”, “2 of 2”

If the above conditions are not met, department staff will not be able to receive and hold the tests or exams for the instructor to pick up. If it is not possible for you to follow the extenuating circumstances process, you must contact the department staff to discuss an alternate arrangement.