Anthropology Students' Association

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About the ASA

The Anthropology Students’ Association represents all undergraduate students within the Department of Anthropology! Our primary role is to act as the ears and mouths of the anthropology student body, voicing any concerns related to courses, programs, instructors, and the department on your behalf. The ASA also provides resources for students to use during their academic career at UofT. We have a collection of past course syllabi, maintain the student lounge and boardroom, hold office hours, and provide low-cost coffee, tea, and printing services. The ASA also receives funding from ASSU and UTSU to hold academic and social events throughout the school year! We have hosted events such as the Graduate School Seminar, Pub Night, Board Game Social, Semi-formal, and Academic Seminar. Our events and services are open to all UofT students, especially those interested in the discipline of anthropology!

Anthropology Undergraduate Journal (AUJ)

Every year the ASA publishes the Anthropology Undergraduate Journal (AUJ) to showcase the exceptional undergraduate research and academic work done at the University of Toronto. The Editor-in-Chief leads the AUJ Editing Team through rounds of blind reading, selection, and editing in order to publish the best of the papers submitted that year. Papers related to any of the sub-disciplines of anthropology, such as archaeology, evolutionary anthropology, socio-cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, and medical anthropology are accepted and published in our journal. Information on how to submit an article can be found on the ASA website. 

Getting Involved

The ASA welcomes anyone interested serving the anthropology student community to join our team! Membership is divided into Executives, Ministers, and Editors. For any Executive position you must be enrolled in a specialist, major, or minor program that is provided by the Department of Anthropology, and must be voted in during the elections in March. For Ministerial positions anyone taking an anthropology course or is passionate about anthropology is eligible as well, and are appointed during the September of each academic year. Editors are appointed by the Editor-in-Chief based on interviews and quality of writing samples. Get involved and serve your academic community!