Resolving Conflicts


Conflict Resolution for Graduate Students


In any relationship, conflicts are bound to arise. In the context of graduate studies, conflicts can occur in a range of situations, including but not limited to between graduate student peers, between a graduate student and their supervisor, or between a graduate student and another faculty member.

In the event that you are experiencing such a conflict, please consider as a first step having a direct conversation with the person you are experiencing the conflict with. If this is not possible for some reason (e.g., power imbalance, communication difficulties), there are two main ways to proceed:

Within the Department. If appropriate, begin with a conversation with your supervisor. If not appropriate, or if the problem is not resolved, contact the Associate Chair Graduate to discuss next steps.

At the School of Graduate Studies (SGS). Contact the Centre for Graduate Mentorship and Supervision This is a highly effective organization, with a wide range of resources to manage all types of conflict on a confidential basis.


Special Cases


For academic appeals (e.g., a mark in a course), specific procedures must be followed, as mandated by SGS:

For issues relating to teaching assistantships, the process should normally begin with a conversation with the Course Instructor. If further action is required, contact the Graduate Department’s TA Coordinator to discuss next steps:


Related University Resources


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