Graduate Professionalization Committee: Careers outside of Academia

When and Where

Friday, April 08, 2022 10:00 am to 12:00 pm


Letha Victor
Matthew Betts
Molly Bloom
Devin Ward



Careers outside of Academia 

Friday, April 8, 10 am -12 pm

Organized by Prof. Cassandra Hartblay
This roundtable event will offer an informal discussion with four Anthropology PhDs representing the four fields who have all taken different paths outside of academia. An opportunity to hear from each panelist, ask questions, and make connections in industries including government research, museum curation, design and user experience research in technology, and academic publishing and editorial work. 

Featuring Panelists: 
Letha Victor, Policy Analyst, Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (PhD: UofT 2018), sociocultural 
Matthew Betts, Curator of Eastern Archaeology, Canadian Museum of History (PhD UofT), archaelogy
Molly Bloom, Senior User Experience Researcher, Cisco (PhD: UCLA 2018), linguistic
Devin Ward, Locum Associate Editor for Nature Communications: Evolution, Ecology, & Genetics (PhD: UofT 2021), bioanth

Registration information to come.