Bence Viola

Associate Professor; Tri-campus TA coordinator
AP 522
(416) 946-0653


Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

Research Keywords: Palaeoanthropology; Modern Human Origins; Neanderthals; Human Evolution; Ancient DNA

Research Region: Central and Northern Asia, Central Europe


I am a paleoanthropologist focusing on the biological and cultural dynamics of the contacts between different hominin groups in the late Pleistocene.

To better understand these interactions, I use a combination of morphological, genetic and archaeological approaches. I concentrate on Central / Northern Asia and Central Europe, which are both areas where contacts between modern and archaic humans are thought to have taken place.

The probably most interesting region for this question are the Altai mountains of Southern Siberia, where we do not only find the easternmost Neanderthals, but also a group that we mostly know form its DNA, the Denisovans. I am currently working on the description of new Neanderthal and Denisovan fossils from this region, and am also involved in ancient DNA analyses of these remains. I also conduct new fieldwork at Sel’ungur cave in Kyrgyzstan, where excavations in the 1980s recovered the oldest human remains from Central Asia.

Central Europe is one of the regions where Neanderthals and modern humans probably met.  Together with scientists from Germany, Austria and Hungary we are currently studying the late Neanderthals and first modern humans from this area, trying to understand when and how these contacts took place.


Ph.D. (University of Vienna, Austria, 2009)


Journal articles

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Book chapters / non-peer reviewed journal articles

Viola B, Krivoshapkin A (2014). Sel’ungur – Middle Pleistocene hominins in Central Asia? In: Derevianko AP, Shunkov MV (eds.) Cultural developments in the Eurasian Paleolithic and the origin of anatomically modern humans. Novosibirsk, Publishing Department of the Inst. f. Archaeology and Ethnography of the SB RAS, pp. 172-178.

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Viola B (2002). Histologische Untersuchungen an Leichenbränden aus Zagersdorf (Histological study of the cremated burials from Zagersdorf). In: Rebay K. Die Hallstattzeitliche Grabhügelgruppe von Zagersdorf im Burgenland. Wissenschaftliche Arbeiten aus dem Burgenland 107:139-144.

Book reviews

Viola B (2012) Einführung in die Anthropologie (Grupe et al., 2012). BioSpektrum 18(7):798.

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