Girish Daswani

Associate Professor
MW 374 (Main), AP 348 (St. George)
(416) 208-2892


Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

Research Keywords: Religion, Diaspora and Transnationalism, Morality and Ethics, Activism and Corruption

Research Region: Ghana


Girish Daswani’s research interests include Ghana, religion, morality and ethics, transnationalism, corruption and activism. Girish’s work centers on the socio-political dynamics between individual lives and collective forms of transformation. His first book examines the ethical dimensions of a Pentecostalism, in shaping the collective aspirations and individual lives of members from The Church of Pentecost in Ghana and London. Girish’s most recent scholarly work has been exploring different activist, artistic and religious responses to political corruption. He is currently working on a book manuscript, a comic and a documentary about the intersections of post/colonialism and activism in Ghana. His most recent public-facing work has been exploring the ways in which imperialism, colonialism, and Orientalism have impacted (and are still impacting) popular politics and the field of Anthropology. You can also watch him give TedxUTSC talks (2014; 2018) and read him on the blogs Everyday Orientalism and AfricaProactive.


Ph.D., London School of Economics, 2007



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Special Issue

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Reviews and Commentary

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Public Engagement

“This is Not Namaste Wahala: On Silences, (His)Stories and Ghana’s Oldest South Asian Community”Everyday Orientalism / AfricaProactive, February 2021.

“On the Whiteness of Academia”Everyday Orientalism, February 2021.

““Near and Far”: How COVID-19 will affect social interactions”UTSC News, June 2020.

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2019. Interviewed by Global News “Living in Color” on ‘What is Internalized Racism?’ Click here for interview.

2018. “The Benefits of Not Belonging” TedxUTSC Talk.

2016 Interview with Girish Daswani. AnthroCyBib: The Anthropology of Christianity Bibliography Blog. Click here for interview.

2014. “Where are you from, really?” TedxUTSC Talk.

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