Michael Chazan

AP 500, 232 Northrop Frye Hall (Victoria College), AP 500A (Lab)
(416) 585-4423 (Main); (416) 971-1369 (Lab)


Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

Research Keywords: Paleoarchaeology, lithic analysis, history of archaeology

Research Region: Near East, France, South Africa



2015.  Macdonald, D.A., M. Chazan and J.C. Janetski. The Geometric Kebaran occupation and lithic assemblage of Wadi Mataha, Southern Jordan. Quaternary International doi:10.1016/j.quaint.2015.10.056

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2015.  Horwitz, L.K. and M. Chazan. An Overview of Recent Research at Wonderwerk Cave, South Africa. Proceedings of the 2010 joint meeting of the Panafrican Archaeological Congress and the Society of Africanist Archaeologists, Dakar, Senegal. November 2-4, 2010.

2015.  Wilkins, J., B.J. Schoville, K.S. Brown, and M. ChazanKathu Pan 1 points and the assemblage-scale, probabilistic approach: a response to Rots and Plisson,“Projectiles and the abuse of the use-wear method in a search for impact. Journal of Archaeological Science 54: 294-299.

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2007.  Chazan, M. and Horwitz, L. (eds) The Lower Paleolithic Site of Holon, Israel. Cambridge: Peabody Museum Press


PhD, Yale University, 1992

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