Rachele Bianchi

PhD Candidate

Fields of Study

Areas of Interest

Research Keywords
Archaeometallurgy, Cultural Interaction, Technological Studies, Bronze Metallurgy, Bronze Age

Research Regions
Central Asia, North and Northwest China

Working Dissertation


Cultural interaction revealed by bronze technological style: insights from Bronze Age Central Asia and North China


Heather Miller
Liye Xie
Edward Banning


Rachele Andrea Bianchi is an Italian international student. She obtained her BA in Cultural Heritage at the University of Bologna, Italy, and MA in Archaeology and Heritage of Asia at University College London, UK. She is currently a PhD candidate working on analysing the nature of the interactions within Central Asia, and between Central Asia and the adjacent areas of western and central North China during the Early Bronze Age (ca. 3600-2400 BCE), with particular interest in the similarities and differences in bronze technologies across these regions. Her research endeavours to mitigate a core issue for the study of Central Asian archaeometallurgy, namely the lack of publications on the metal materials excavated in the region in the last decades, as well as to provide more insights into the dynamics of cultural interaction and the relevance of pre-existent traditions in the reception and adoption of specific practices.