Recent Publications from Esteban Parra’s Former Graduate Students

November 1, 2016 by Communications

Melissa EdwardsGillian Cook and Nicole Murray have all recently co-published papers with Professor Esteban Parra. Melissa just defended her PhD thesis on April 1, 2016. Gillian completed her MSc in 2015 and Nicole Murray is expected to finish her Masters later this year. Below are details of the publications.

Edwards M, Cha D, Krithika S, Johnson M, Parra EJ. 2016. Analysis of Iris surface features in populations of diverse ancestryR. Soc. Open Sci. 3:150470.

Edwards M, Cha D, Krithika S, Johnson M, Cook G, Parra EJ. 2016. Iris pigmentation as a quantitative trait: variation in populations of European, East Asian and South Asian ancestry and association with candidate gene polymorphismsPigment Cell Melanoma Res 29:141-162.